An Image is Worth 16x16 Words”. Here we present you with some diagrams to better understand (hopefully) what TLT Finance is about, alongside a very brief explanation of each component. (For more in-depth information, please read all our Medium posts).

Phase 1 (PHZT) and Phase 2 (FRT) Together

The purpose of Phase 1 was to provide a farming…

TLT Finance has been active for around 20 days (Currently in a state of coma, we could say). The PHZT token was launched alongside 9 pools with different weights that are being used for Yield Farming. Also, Governance functionality for the token has been implemented allowing community users the creation…

Is your belly full after eating so much sushi? how are you feeling after having 3 servings of kimchi (Yes, we know about you “Heaven Kimchi”). How many hot dogs, pizza and other kinds of trash food have you stuffed inside you?

Well, you know the saying, “What goes in…

TLT Finance

Digest your food Tokens, produce PHZT and FRT. Grow the project through Governance proposals.

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